Welcome to the CarePath integrated service provision mechanism.

The CarePath integrated service provision mechanism is a web-based system to bring together relevant stakeholders and professionals working with children leaving care (e.g. public authorities, NGOs, social services, child protection agencies and psychotherapists, healthcare), and make available processes to cover a range of multi-dimensional interventions based on trauma screening and assessment. The system is used initially by the public authorities of the partnership as a basis for the provision of one-stop shop services to children ageing out of care and care leavers.

The CarePath service provision mechanism seeks to facilitate relevant stakeholders and professionals to access organizations that are relevant to their work with children leaving care.

How to use the CarePath integrated service provision mechanism

Dear User,
Once you enter the on-line platform of the CarePath mechanism, you are asked to select one of the four countries (Italy, Belgium, Hungary or Greece) from the interactive map. After the country selection, you will be automatically redirected to the database which displays all organizations of that country.

On the top of the platform, there are four icons, each representing a category related to organisations' expertise and field of work. The categories are as follows:

  • Minors (children below the age of 18)
  • Care Leavers (individuals prepared to leave care settings)
  • Adults (individuals above the age of 18)
  • Family (aspects targeting families)

Depending on what kind of information you are looking for, you can select more than one category. After the selection of the category/categories, sub-categories are displayed. You can narrow down and filter your research and search for more specific organizations depending on the information you are interested in. The following sub-categories are available:

  • Accommodation: organizations working in the field of accommodation
  • Legal Aid: organizations and services related to legal matters
  • Psychosocial Support: organizations delivering psychosocial support services
  • Food & Personal Hygiene: organizations and services for food and personal hygiene provision
  • Education: organizations catering for education
  • Immigration: organizations involved in immigration issues
  • Advocacy organizations

You can select more than one sub-category.

You will find information such as postal address, email, a short overview of the organization, and finally the website of the organization where you can visit for more information.

Before leaving the mechanism, please take few minutes to evaluate us through the online survey.